Meet our trustees

Joanne Kiernan

Board Chair

Nicky Robertson

Trustee & Director of Programmes and Strategy

Nicky has over 30 years’ experience in rural and community development and has been involved with CharChar since 2017 when she visited our work in Malawi and was inspired by the huge potential she saw. She leads our programme development, organisational strategy, and manages our network of volunteers to ensure CharChar is connected and focussed on the goal of accelerating, and increasing, pupils’ literacy.

Toby Gould

Trustee & Digital Fundraising Manager

Toby works within the non-profit sector and brings over five years of digital experience to CharChar Literacy. He manages CharChar’s digital channels, such as the website and emails, to make it easy for our supporters to engage with our work. His aim is to bring CharChar’s impact and stories to life and bring more people on board with our mission to bring literacy to children in Malawi.

Victoria Williamson

Trustee & Communications Manager

Victoria is an award-winning author who formerly worked in education, teaching in Cameroon with VSO as well as training primary school teachers for two years at Blantyre Teacher Training College in Malawi. She is currently writing blog posts and articles for CharChar in order to introduce the work they do to a wider audience and to tell the stories of the challenges and successes of their literacy and numeracy education programme in Malawi.

Paul Tagg