Literacy for Life

Literacy skills for the learners under the programme have improved so tremendously during the project period, that one would wish the programme scaled-up to reach and benefit as many learners and schools as possible in Malawi.”  Dr. Elizabeth Meke – Acting Director, Centre for Educational Research and Training, University of Malawi


Who We Are

Charlotte Parker

Formerly The CharChar Trust: a literacy lifeline for Malawian children, born out of a family tragedy. CharChar Literacy was set up by a team committed to building on the legacy of the Parker family and improving the lives of Malawian children.

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for positive change through transformative literacy education. We believe in literacy as a fundamental human right and are working to make that a reality for every Malawian child.

Reading and writing empowers individuals to keep up with current events and communicate effectively. It is necessary to understand the world around us and for people to become active and informed citizens working together for fairer and more inclusive societies.

What We Do

The teacher who inspires me is Mr Mchisa. He makes our lessons fun and inspires me to work hard. What I want to be in the future is a teacher like him. I want to teach children in my village and help my family to live a better life