Our Work

Teacher Training

Piloting work to transform teacher training in the country’s foremost teacher training university.

Transforming Literacy

Accelerating learning by placing CharChar trained teachers in primary schools, who then model best practice for their colleagues.

Our Resources

CharChar have developed a wide range of educational resources to help teachers make learning fun!



Our Success

We have demonstrated an extremely successful literacy model, rooted in local culture and context, based on international best practice.

Download our pilot report here.

Sustainable and significant future

There is an urgent need to accelerate literacy acquisition in Malawi primary schools because children are in school and not learning.

The Malawi government has requested us to focus on English literacy, because by year 5 all lessons are delivered in English, apart from the subject of Chichewa, the national language of Malawi.

Recognising the enormity of this challenge, CharChar Literacy is dedicated to making a sustainable and significant impact through our activities in Malawi.

We are very proud and honoured to have been asked by the government of Malawi to support the National Reading Programme (NRP) the government’s national English literacy curriculum.