Our Auction: How it works

An amazing group of authors have generously donated over 50 books for us to auction, with all proceeds going to our Literacy for Malawi fundraiser!

1. Find a book and place your bid

Browse our auction page to find a book you would like to bid on and click ‘Place Bid’. All you need to do is enter your name, email address, and the amount you would like to bid. Please note that the name you need will be public and you must agree to the terms and conditions (found at the bottom of this page).

As soon as you’ve placed your bid, you’ll receive an automatic email from ‘wordpress@charcharliteracy.org’ confirming your bid. If you don’t see the email, please check your junk folder, and add the address to your trusted senders list. Please don’t reply to this address as we won’t see it. Instead, use the contact details at the bottom of the page to get in touch if you have any questions.

2. If someone out bids you before the end of the auction, you can bid again!

You can keep an eye on our website to see the latest bids, but if you’ve made a bid and somebody else bids higher then you’ll receive an email to let you know. Just click the link in the email to come back to the website and make another bid!

3. You’re a winner! What happens next?

If you win the bid, congratulations! You’ll receive an email as soon as it closes (again from ‘wordpress@charcharliteracy.org’). Keep an eye out for it, and check your junk folder if you don’t see it.

The email will contain a unique PayPal link with the amount of your winning bid. Please make the donation as soon as possible after winning, and no later than the 15th June. The sooner we get your donation, the sooner we’ll be able to send your book! If you have any issues using the PayPal link, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Personalise your message

Want a personalised dedication? As soon as you make the payment, let us know who the author should make it out to by emailing us at info@charcharliteracy.org.

Your book will be sent out by the author within a week of receiving the donation. And the money you paid will go to our Literacy for Malawi fundraiser, helping to transform literacy education in Malawi for children who need it most.


Have a question or need support? Get in touch.

Simply email us at info@charcharliteracy.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

By participating in the Charity Auction, anyone who takes part “a Donor or a Bidder” will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them.

  1. Details of the Auction
    1.1 Throughout the Duration of the Online Charity Auction, participants (a Donor or a Bidder) will be invited to take part in the Charity Auction for a chance to donate and bid for items online.

1.2 Participation in the charity auction will take place online.

1.3 Each Bidder must go online between 1st June -12th June 2022 (“the Bid Period”) and submit a bid. All bids are subject to the providers Terms and conditions.

1.4 Once the item is detailed online, bids will be taken for a specific period as announced online (“Bid Period”). The highest genuine bid received from any Bidder by the end of the Bid Period will secure the item. Where a Bid is successful, the Bidder will be sent an email by CharChar Literacy to with details of how to make the payment. Once the payment has been made, the book author will dispatch the item(s).

1.5 All Bidders must ensure that they are able to pay for any item on which they wish to bid for or that alternatively, they can afford to give the Donation.

1.6 The Bidder must provide a UK address for delivery. Delivery will be organised by the Donor and will only be available in the UK.

1.7 Payment for any Bid must be by 16th June.

1.8 With regards to Charity Bid, no contract shall have been entered to between CharChar Literacy and a Donor or a Bidder.

1.9 Title in the items successfully bid for, shall not pass on the Bidder until such time as payment for the item has been delivered.

1.10 All items offered for either the Charity Bid shall be subject to availability and CharChar Literacy shall not be liable for claims, expenses, costs and or any losses (such as but not limited to profits, indirect, pure economic, consequential or otherwise) or damage.

1.11 All matters relating to the Charity Auction shall be at the sole discretion of CharChar Literacy.

  1. Eligibility
    2.1 Participants must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid debit card, credit card, or PayPal account to make payment through PayPal.

2.2 Notwithstanding that a winning bid has been received or a pledge for an item has been given, if CharChar Literacy discover before the delivery of any item that for any reason under these Rules or Terms and Conditions the Participant should have been ineligible to give a Donation, or engage in the Charity Bid, or that any of the same should have been declared invalid due to any suspect activity, CharChar Literacy reserves the right to reject the Donation, bid or purchase as applicable.

2.3 CharChar Literacy shall not be responsible for any failure on behalf of any Participant whose bid is not received.


The Donor will provide to CharChar Literacy a suitable donation for the online charity auction.

The donation will be given to CharChar Literacy free of charge.

The Donor will only donate items for which they have ownership of or direct authority to donate.

The Donor will not do anything, nor act in a manner, nor donate an item that will or is likely to bring CharChar Literacy into disrepute; not do anything, nor act in a manner, that will or is likely to breach any law or regulation or cause CharChar Literacy to breach any law or regulation.

No costs will be passed to CharChar Literacy by the Donor.

The Donor consents to displaying their details on the CharChar Literacy (charcharliteracy.org).

Data Protection Act 2018

In registering with this on-line auction, donors and bidders consent to their information (“the Information”) being used as reasonably necessary for the purpose of the auction. The administrators of the auction will use the Information only as needed in connection with the auction, keeping it secure and not disclosing the Information to other parties.