Angela Robb – Hamster Gangster (8–12 years)

Rocco is no ordinary pet hamster. Tired of being kicked around in a plastic ball, he’s certain of his true destiny: to become a great leader among rodents. Through a mind-boggling mix of debatable genius and happy accident, he mounts a daring escape, heads for the Big City … and joins a fearsome gang of restaurant-raiding sewer rats. Now all that remains is to lead his fellow rodents into greatness – and become the gang’s next Big Cheese! All with a little help from his new best friends, Nev the mouse and his martial arts-obsessed sister, Tina.

Angela Robb – Midge McNumpty (8–12 years)

Meet Midgie: he’s wee, he’s fiery, and he’s totally fed up. It’s way, way back in the days of old, and the wild lands of Glenfoostie are home to the great Clan Claymore. Like everyone in the glen, Midgie is a member of the clan. He’d rather not be. With the clan chief’s smug and boastful son questioning his combat skills, Midgie’s bid to prove he’s as good as any Claymore is not going well…