Teacher Training

CharChar education experts train and mentor Literacy Specialist Teachers (LSTs) in government primary schools, which act as demonstration schools for student teachers attending Emmanuel University, Malawi’s foremost teacher training institution.


The teaching skills development package includes training for both university lecturers and student teachers on using phonics, classroom management (with a focus on large classes and small groups), planning interactive lessons which incorporate games and songs to stimulate learners’ curiosity, social and emotional learning and producing teaching aids at low cost (TALC).


Mentoring includes live demonstrations for Emmanuel University lecturers and student teachers to see new teaching methods in action and witness the results they can deliver for themselves. Student teachers will then take these methods to their new schools when they graduate and are placed in government schools.


CharChar’s vision is for all student teachers to have access to these teaching methods during their training years, transforming the literacy outcomes for Malawi’s children.