Transforming Literacy

Our model delivers accelerated learning for all children. It is also a particularly effective recovery strategy to combat the learning loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the course of the first three terms in primary school Standard 1 (Std1), CharChar trained Literacy Specialist Teachers (LSTs)teach the prescribed sets (1-5) of phonics sounds, selected digraphs and double consonants.

Children acquire basic decoding skills as they progress along the pathway, enabling them to read and write simple CVC words and first sight words with comprehension, by the end of Std1.

Our results to date demonstrate significant impact. After just one year of pilot intervention, children in Std 1 were able to attain 34 combined letter sounds and names. This compares extremely favourably to the national baseline of children attaining just 8 combined letter sounds and names after two years of schooling.