“My daughter can read thanks to you” | How you support Vanessa and her dad

“It is thanks to you that I got my new job and that Vanessa, my 8-year-old daughter, is able to read.”, Mr Bulweya told us recently. Soon he will start a new job teaching lecturers in effective ways to teach literacy. And we’re so proud of the difference CharChar Literacy, with your vital donations, has been able to have on his family’s life! 

“My daughter attends a school where CharChar has trained and supported the teachers in phonics. Thanks to this, my daughter has learned to read and write in both English and Chichewa at such a young age! 

When I asked my wife about how our daughter was able to read so well she told me that it is thanks to Vanessa’s teacher and these new methods. So I decided to go to my daughter’s school and speak to her teacher, Mary. Mary explained how she uses phonics and play based literacy activities to teach literacy. She emphasised the importance of making learning fun for all the children and was kind enough to help me to gain a better understanding of phonics and phonemic awareness. Thanks to Mary’s patience and to the training she had from CharChar, I was able to pass my interview as a Tutor Trainer with flying colours as I had a good working knowledge of phonics!”

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Every donation helps to support children with vital literacy education! Will you help to support families across Malawi? Please make a donation today.