“Are these really Standard 1 children?” | Our programme is setting children on a path to literacy in just four weeks

“Are these really Standard 1 children?” We were asked multiple times, when we shared the video clips below. “Really!?” “What school is this?”

Your support is helping to achieve amazing things through our project with Emmanuel University’s Demonstration School in Lilongwe! Tsokomkanansi Primary School is a government primary school where the University’s Student-Teachers can learn, and practice, effective literacy teaching methods.

Because of Covid school closures last year, this school year is compressed, starting on 10th January and finishing on 9th September. But thanks to your support, children at Tsokakanansi Primary School are benefitting from our accelerated literacy programme in both Standards 1 and 2. That’s over 200 children receiving vital literacy education!

Andrew, our Senior Education Field Officer, is also supporting two of Emmanuel University’s Graduate Teachers. He’s training them in the classroom to teach literacy using child-centred teaching and learning methods, using active lessons with games, songs, and dance. 

At the end of May, children had an exam week. This provided the opportunity to train the Literacy Specialist Teachers in designing and conducting literacy assessments – like those taking place in the video below. When the assessments are completed, we’ll be able to monitor children’s progress and share our findings!

“How can I express my delight with the confidence – already – of the Literacy Specialists and the way they delivered the lesson. Andrew did not need to intervene, he’s doing well in preparing them and then letting them try it for themselves. They did an amazing job, and a lovely follow up small group activity for the learners. What an extraordinary thing to see these young children absorbing information like sponges and already able to decode (join letter sounds to read)  three letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). The first step is done, their little light bulbs are on and shining brightly. These children are on a new path to their education – as long as they stay in school.”

Nicky Robertson, Director of Strategy and Programmes

Can you help to support the school?

Together, we’re transforming education for hundreds of children in Malawi. And through our partnerships and teacher training initiatives, we’re creative change that lasts. But we can only do it with your support.

£25 could help to train a veteran teacher in our method. That could mean hundreds of children receiving effective literacy education over the next year!

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