New programme: Our next step towards transforming literacy in Malawi

We’re really excited to be building on the success of our pilot programme, which increased children’s literacy by 433% in just one year. We are now able to provide CharChar trained and supported teachers to a government demonstration primary school in Lilongwe. We’ve secured funding to run our programme in the school for two years, where we’ll be showcasing how to accelerate children’s literacy.

Our Senior Education Officer, Andrew Mchisa, has already started training 2 newly qualified teachers in foundational literacy. As the programme progresses Andrew will be mentoring the literacy specialist teachers in the classroom on a daily basis.

Malawi faces old challenges and new

For rural children across the country growing up in an extremely challenging environment, the need for investment and focus on their education is increasingly urgent.

From extreme weather to Covid-19, Malawi faces many challenges. We are now in the ‘hunger season’, exacerbated by lost maize crops due to irregular rainfall. About 221,000 people are displaced and infrastructure damaged by severe flooding in the Southern region. The River Shire cut a new route through pristine bush in Majete National Park and displaced much of the wildlife. 

Covid-19 continues to impact learning and vaccination rates are still very low.  The current academic year has been compressed (Jan – September), which presents significant challenges and obstacles to teaching and learning. We hope that the next academic year, which starts in September, will be less disrupted.

Will you join us for this exciting next step?

With the Demonstration School programme starting this month, we urgently need to secure £200 per month to rent a small unit for Andrew to live and work from. We’ve already identified the building, and it’s just a stone’s throw from the school! Your support can make it happen. Will you please donate monthly?

And right now, your first monthly donation up to £150 will be matched at 100% – meaning we’ll receive twice what you donate.

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